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     "UPDATE".   2022 Puppies
             D.O.B.  May 9, 2022



Hi Darlene.  Please forgive the intrusion, but I was just thinking to myself how much joy Augustus (Auggie) has brought to our home.  Not only is he very handsome and well proportioned, but more importantly, he is the dearest of souls and has brought so much happiness into our home.  I just wanted to thank you for that.  He really is a special dog; striking, smart, loving, loyal and really, quite funny.  I look forward to seeing him every day and how often do you say that about someone.   Thank you for the gift that he is.

Steven McCarthy

Hi Darlene!   We are doing really really well.  Henry is an amazing partner in crime, he follows me absolutely everywhere.  He is an amazing family dog.  He is stunning and goofy  too.

Genevieve Thibault


IMG-1493 (1)_edited.jpg



I just purchased an "older" puppy from Darlene and Gerald.  Not only is my puppy gorgeous, he has a wonderful, calm temperament.  I have a smaller, older dog and my 6 month old puppy is so very gentle with him.   He is my perfect companion and I would highly recommend Darlene's Royal Standard Poodles if you are looking for a well adjusted high quality puppy.

Brigitte Nowlin

Darlene and Gerald were so wonderful to deal with and helped us with the PERFECT puppy.  He was already crate trained and potty trained when we brought him home which made the whole transition to our home even easier.  The whole experience from start to finish was so wonderful.  I couldn't recommend  Royal Standard Poodles highly enough!  Darlene and Gerald take such care to raise top quality, well rounded dogs so you know exactly what you are getting when you get a puppy from them and you will not be disappointed.  We are thrilled with our newest addition and if we ever decide to get another Standard Poodle, it will definitely be from Royal Standard Poodles.  Thank you Darlene and Gerald!!

Naomi Fertig



Belle Rose


We feel so blessed to of found our puppy Belle Rose (aka Rosie)!  She has been the perfect fit for our family!  Due to allergies we struggled to find a puppy for over a year!  When we came upon Royal Standard Poodles we were hesitant to believe that we could ever have a puppy but we still remained hopeful.  Our first experience  meeting the puppies was amazing, we played with all the puppies and explored the farm for hours!  It felt like we were visiting family!  After an introduction to the puppies we held our breath hoping that allergies wouldn't disappoint us again. After an hour and no allergic reaction we were overjoyed and allowed our hearts to open up to our beautiful Belle!   It shows that Darlene cares for the well-being of each and every puppy.  Our groomer has said every experience she has had with Royal  Standard Poodles is such a pleasure!  Our Belle is in perfect health and has such a laid back personality !  She is very well behaved, extremely  easy to train and hardly ever barks!  We have taken her to training  and she is lightyears ahead of her peers.  Our dream is to train her for pet therapy so we can share her with others.   She is a vital member of our family!!  Thank you Darlene for our sweet girl!!

Trina Finkle



Thx for letting us have two wonderful puppies , Cinnamon and Happy bring us so much joyful moments.  Thanks again !

Stanley Cheung


Sheena is doing so well!  swims in the ocean, hikes in the snow and is pretty fearless.   A very confident  and beautiful dog.  Happy we connected and you chose Sheena for me!  Perfect choice in my view.  Thank you again.

Heidi Creighton

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