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         We have been raising puppies since starting our own family, in the 1980's.  We discovered the joy and pride that accompanies owning a registered dog with our first Yorkie.  We loved the disposition and amazing health that she displayed in her 17 years with us.  She was our introduction to a non-shedding and hypoallergenic breed and from there we were hooked.  After countless hours of research and breeder phone calls, we decided to purchase our first red Standard Poodle " Ourson "in 2009.

           His future mate, Khloe ;  a Moyen from Germany, joined us in 2012. Our first registered litter came to us from this pair and it was a real eye opener!  We learned the Misty Method for potty training and began utilizing it at 3.5 weeks old.  Together with our grand kids, we socialized, groomed, trained and snuggled every pup.   The pups were sent to their forever homes potty trained, socialized and healthy.   All our pups are dewormed, vaccinated, bathed and groomed with a fresh haircut prior to pickup.


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