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Your Puppies Journey

    The health of our puppies start with the health of Sire and Dam.  Genetics, health testing, disposition all play a part in our Royal Standard Poodles Canada.

    When whelping begins, I am there to assist; I take the puppies out of their birthing bag, dry them off, ensure they are breathing,  weigh them, put on their collars and make sure they are nursing.  A good beginning is imperative.

      Mom looks after their needs for the first 3 weeks.   I change her bed everyday and keep her area very clean.  I keep an eye on the puppies to make sure everyone is fed and Mom is doing okay.

      By 4  weeks I start my potty training of the puppies.  I use the "Misty Method" and have successfully  since 2013.      They also learn to go up and down the stairs at the same time.  This provided families a good start on their way  to an outdoor potty routine.

        I very firmly believe in socializing our dogs. It is important for a dog's health, well being and temperament. Good social skills are imperative for a dog's confidence and make for a trustworthy companion. 

Our puppies at Royal Standard Poodle Canada are nurtured, trained, and loved.  We believe a dog should become part of your family either as a friend, companion, or "fur baby".   Disposition is soooo important.   Our dogs are very quiet, laid back and affectionate.

Poodles are hypoallergenic because they lack a specific protein that causes histamine responses in humans

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