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Donna & Kevin Ogurian

Adrossan, AB

I contacted Darlene on Sunday, February 7th in the evening.  Early Monday morning she emailed me back  with a  contact form to fill out.  Once she received that she then called me and we had a lovely chat regarding the pups and  poodles in general.  At the time she agreed to let us purchase the last  puppy she had, We picked up Shylo on Wednesday, February 10th.  I was  so excited I called Darlene to see if it was possible to move our pickup appointment hour earlier.  She told me that was no problem. 

We arrived at 1:00 pm.  She  had texted me while on our way to see if we would like coffee when we arrived.  We gladly accepted.  What a great reception we got upon our arrival Lol.  All the puppies and Mama were there to greet us.  It was wonderful.  We sat with Darlene and had  a great visit over coffee with all the puppies and Mama close by.  Darlene gave us a lot of useful information in our package as well as when we were chatting.  Her husband Gerald  arrived home a short time  later with Harley, Shylo's daddy.  What an absolute magnificent dog he is.  Somewhat bigger than Georgesa (Mama) actually a lot bigger lol. Georgesa is also magnificent but much finer built loves scratches behind the ears  lol.

Shylo was quite shy and stayed fairly close to Darlene but when it was time to leave Darlene placed Shylo in my arms and we took her to the crate we had waiting in the truck.  The whole experience with Darlene and Gerald from start to end was very pleasant indeed and if I was to consider a friend for Shylo I would absolutely purchase from them again.

Shylo is still still shy  when meeting new people and 

puppies but seems to need only 2 or 3 meeting then warms up to pretty much everyone.

She is a great puppy and she fit into our family perfectly.  We can't wait to get her out camping and riding in our side by side and then down to Arizona next year for winter.  I love  this little girl so much.


Loren & Sarah Michaud

Strathcona County, AB

We are so happy with our experience.  We had updates on the puppies from the beginning.  The communication was great.  We were also encouraged to come visit before our pick up date.

The level of care taken with the dogs was exceptional. Feeding, crate and potty schedules were already established and were consistent so that we could pick up where they left off seamlessly.

On the day of pick up we were given a package that included information and tips, a blankie and toy (that smelled familiar) trial pet insurance, a small bag of dog food and more.....

Darlene and Gerald have been wonderful and we are so happy to welcome Juno to the family.


Rachel Banting & Trevor Klassen

Calgary, AB

I got my little  Lulu from Darlene in February 2021.  She is wonderful.  She has on excellent disposition and is incorporating well into my family which includes two young kids (2 and 5)  Darlene was very responsive to my questions and easy to deal with. When I contacted Darlene she had 2 pups left.  After telling her about my family she thought Lulu might be a good fit given her calm and sweet disposition.

She was right!  It's obvious that she  has socialized Lulu and introduced her to both crate and house training.  Lulu was already comfortable sleeping in her crate and is learning very quickly on house training.  She seems to handle loud sounds and small children very well, indicating  to me she has been socialized well.  Darlene seems to really care about creating a good family pet with good dispositions and has definitely been successful with Lulu.

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